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Formosa Smart Energy Tech Launches Major Project in Tainan Will Deploy Taiwan's Largest Project Site Next Year for the "Energy Storage National Team"

2022 / 12 / 20

Formosa Smart Energy Tech (FSET) is expanding into energy storage and partnering with Skwentex and Iontree to form an "Energy Storage National Team". The team will be constructing 6 major energy storage projects in areas such as Tainan, Yunlin, Nantou, Changhua, and Chiayi. The first major project located in Yongkang District, Tainan officially entered operation on December 20th.

The 3 parties collaborated on the first 5.0MW / 5.3MWh energy storage pilot project in Yongkang District; the project features FSET's integrated energy storage system with planning, design, development, and construction implemented by Skwentex and operations by Iontree. After the official launch on December 20, it will provide AFC (automatic frequency control) regulation reserve ancillary services via the Energy Trading Platform established by Taiwan Power Company. Other phase 1 projects will be completed next year for a total device capacity of over 50MW.

Additionally, FSET and Skwentex will further dedicate themselves to collaborate on phase 2 of the project beginning next year. The 100MW / 300MWh super energy storage system joint project will be located at Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation's (FCFC) Changhua Plant and will be completed in phases, the earliest being at the end of next year. Once completed, it will be Taiwan's largest "power grid level" energy storage project. If domestic demand for energy storage increases in the future, the plant will allow for scalable device capacity for the implementation of future strategies.

Skwentex Chairman Andy Chen stated that as a company founded in solar PV and businesses such as charging stations and energy storage, the company now applies their accumulated experience to integrate "solar PV, energy storage, EV charging stations, and smart energy management' into the renewable energy industry.

In the past, Skwentex adopted systems from major western suppliers in the implementation of energy storage and to uphold their mission of supporting local industries. They're optimistic towards the strong R&D capabilities and technical background that Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) has shown in their investment into energy storage applications as well as their sales in global markets. Also, FPG has taken further steps to becoming eco-friendly by adopting lithium-iron in place of lead-acid batteries as well as being Taiwan's only domestic lithium-iron energy storage system that has comprehensively passed UL/IEC safety certifications. As such, Skwentex and Iontree have partnered with FSET for "green energy, energy storage, and energy conservation" in their joint bid to enter the green economy.

FSET Chairman Sandy Wang stated that the global trend of net zero has resulted in the annual growth of renewable energy power generation. In order to achieve a flexible, resilient power grid as well as drive Taiwan's energy storage market, FSET, Skwentex, and Iontree will join together to apply their expertise in equipment, systems installation, and working with Taiwan Power Company's Energy Trading Platform to achieve domestic production. Together, they will continue to maintain the safety, stability, and reliability of Taiwan's power systems by providing support in a manner that allows for both industry development and environmental sustainability to prosper.