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Home Energy Storage System

Household energy storage is like storing water; if every unit of electricity could be properly stored and can be used when needed, then this would help reduce energy waste.

If a storm strikes unexpectedly, there is no longer any need to panic. Even if there is a power outage, my home can remain brightly lit, with no loss of convenience.

Protect My Safe Haven

The system can be used in conjunction with a solar system, supplementing the solar power when needed. There is no power limitation for loads in on-grid mode. Additionally, it has also obtained benchmark certifications such as JET and UL JAPAN.

Standard Battery Module
Built-in Smart Balance
Battery Capacity Calculation
Automatic Shutdown Protection
Life Cycle More Than 3,600
Silence Consideration
Certified To UL94-5VA And PSE

Quiet and Elegant

The system conforms to modern aesthetic design, with pure and elegant colors. The normcore style helps the system fit in well with a wide range of home decoration styles, making it a silent yet indispensable presence in the house.

Clean and Convenient

The system can be can charged and discharged through clean energy sources when it is paired with solar panels or grid electricity. In the event of a sudden power outage, it will promptly supply power to residences without the need for fuel, ensuring safety, reliability, and zero pollution, and providing peace of mind and assurance.

Obtain Battery Status with Monitoring

With a built-in monitoring system and app, residential power consumption can be monitored in real-time through the PCS system, allowing users to obtain battery health and cycle status. The system also comes with a safe power-off function to maximize battery life and reduce expenses. Customizable alerts and remote access means users can obtain information anytime and anywhere.