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Passionate Dreamer

Formosa Smart Energy upholds its original positive intentions while setting environmental sustainability as the key foundation for future development. We are creating an ideal blueprint for new energy, new technology, and a new future with unwavering enthusiasm. At Formosa Smart Energy, there are no restrictions on ideas and creations. The goal of every action is to make the lives of people better.

Steadfast Implementer

The greatest dreams can be achieved with the most steadfast steps. We have established four key expectations, namely “energy conservation, energy storage, new energy, and recycling”. We have gathered technical partners, organized professional teams, made good use of the power of knowledge, and carried out actual action. By making efforts step by step, we have built fruitful achievements, turning our ideas into reality with our own hands.

Leading at the Technological Forefront

We leverage the immense resources and profound capabilities accumulated by the Formosa Plastics Group over decades. By standing on this unbreakable foundation, we can continue to invest in technology R&D and innovation, actively collaborate with the academic community, and recruit all kinds of talent. Modern society is changing rapidly, but we remain at the forefront, boldly pursuing excellence and consistently achieving remarkable outcomes.

Change the World Together

Wildfires, melting icecaps, heatwaves, droughts, and torrential rainfall... climate change has caused many ecological catastrophes and seriously impacted human life. Only energy conservation, carbon reduction, and new energy sources can help bring about a better global order. We are standing at a turning point in history. We are seeking individuals like you who are enthusiastic and idealistic and possess strong capabilities to join us in protecting the environment and changing the world.