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Revolution has begun since 2010

In accordance with the Formosa Plastics Group’s collective working spirit of “diligence, perseverance, frugality and trustworthiness, and strive for excellence”, all battery modules undergo the standard assembly process as well as charging and discharging testing and matching at least twice, thereby providing customers with perfect battery systems.

Green Energy and Energy Saving

In 2010, we made a decisive decision to choose to use lithium iron batteries, which are non-polluting and highly safe. Although it was not the mainstream in the market at that time, we remained committed to promoting the battery based on the concept of "sustainable development and environmental friendliness", in order to achieve our ultimate goals of “promoting social progress and improving people's well-being”.

Simple and Non-Wasteful

We are currently building a battery recycling and leasing program, which will extend the product life cycle and create a circular economy. This is to provide greater benefits for loyal users Formosa batteries. Cloud monitoring will also be used to provide more reliable services. We ensure the completeness of products’ life cycle, from production to recycling. The longer they are used, the more beneficial it is for the Earth.


Battery cell certifications
Module certifications
Battery subsystem certifications

Having More,
Paying Less

Formosa Battery will provide you with everything you need, from stating your requirements to final system integration, regardless of the system you want.