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Energy Storage System

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Comprehensive Energy Storage System

With our exclusive smart software, we are capable of dramatically improving battery life and accurately estimating the remaining capacity. For customized designs, whether it is on-grid, off-grid, or microcomputer applications, we always adhere to the highest standards. Our products have obtained various certifications by passing strict evaluations to protect customers' rights and interests.

Looks Professional
but Easy to Use

The control box contains a magnetic contactor and ultra-large electric power resistance components. This means that, during the battery system startup process, all necessary pre-discharging and protective current equalization for various battery systems can be completed. Contact-free precision current detectors are used to monitor the available battery capacity of the system, and the multi-isolated electronic component designs ensure the control box operates correctly. This guarantees that data transfer will not suffer from interference due to noise from external power systems.

Automatic reset
Smart balance
for the whole system
Current protection
Contact-free precision
current detector
prevention design

Safe and Secure

We adhere to a highly secure system with fast updates, with comprehensive records that are clear and easy to understand. We offer the most user-friendly technology to the world, in which all battery statuses are easily visible. We also establish various access restrictions internally from the beginning to protect customers' important data.

Ultimate Smartness

We provide an “exclusive smart balancing system” in order to give every customer the best experience. This not only reduces unnecessary waste but also significantly improves efficiency, enabling each battery to smoothly fulfill its mission.

Observe Trends and Strive for Excellence

Formosa Smart Energy has benefited from Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp.’s lithium iron battery research, which has been conducted since 2010. We continuously search for the latest and the best solutions, align with customers' needs, meet customers’ expectations, and always pursue perfection and innovation.