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Formosa Smart Energy Participates in the 2023 Energy Taiwan
Formosa Smart Energy and Nan Ya jointly participate in the 2023 Energy Taiwan and display smart applications and sustainable development of new energy in everyday life under four themes, namely home energy storage, energy storage systems, solar plus energy storage, and green energy recycling & reutilization.
Formosa Smart Energy Announces Groundbreaking of Largest Cell Plant in Taiwan
Formosa Smart Energy Tech Corp. announced an investment of over NT$16 billion through its subsidiary "Formosa AdvEnergy" for the construction of the largest lithium iron phosphate battery cell plant in Taiwan with an annual output of 5GWh in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park.
Formosa Smart Energy Launches Major Project in Tainan
Formosa Smart Energy is expanding into energy storage and partnering with Skwentex and Iontree to form an "Energy Storage National Team". The team will be constructing 6 major energy storage projects in areas such as Tainan, Yunlin, Nantou, Changhua, and Chiayi. The first major project located in Yongkang District, Tainan officially entered operation on December 20th.
Formosa Smart Energy Forms an Energy Storage National Team
Formosa Smart Energy, Skwentex Energy Cc., Ltd., and Iontree Co., Ltd. are leading players in their respective fields in Taiwan, and are leveraging their professional capabilities to form a national team. From equipment and system installation to participating in the TPC energy trading platform, all elements and components are made in Taiwan. We uphold the responsibility of ensuring the safe and stable operation of power systems and aim to become the strongest supporting force for Taiwan’s sustainable economic development.
Formosa AdvEnergy enters aptera’s EV supply chain
aptera Motors announce the partnership with Formosa Smart Energy to develop a new generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries for vehicles. Formosa AdvEnergy will supply the batteries required for solar electric vehicles, while Autosmart International will be responsible for planning related collaborative matters for aptera’s solar electric vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region.
Formosa Plastics Group Establishes Formosa Smart Energy Tech Corp. for the Promotion of New Energy Diversification
Formosa Plastics Group has accelerated its promotion of new energy to respond to the global energy-saving and carbon reduction trends, along with the rapid development of renewable energies and electric vehicles, and thus has officially established the Formosa Smart Energy Tech Corp. to cross-interdisciplinary into the “energy-saving”, “energy storage”, “new ener-gies” and “recycling and reuse” fields.